Wenger Manufacturing Company

Joe (born 1906) and Louis Wenger (born 1908) founded Wenger Manufacturing, Inc in Sabetha, Kansas, in 1935. Later it was named Wenger Mixer Company. The company today designs and manufactures industrial food, pet food and aquatic feed processing machinery for a world market.

The Wenger brothers- sons of Swiss immigrants and the youngest of nine brothers, born at the turn of the century, grew up in a farm near Lamar, Missouri.

In 1927 Wengers buy the Saunder Custom Feed Mill in Sabetha, Kansas then rename it Wenger Brother Feed Mill.

Its main service is the custom grinding of livestock and poultry feed for farmers, it also mixed concentrates and minerals into the farmer’s feed crops to make the ration more nutritious.  The Wenger feed mill was soon being utilized as a testing-ground for the novel process machinery being created by the ambitious young brothers.

In 1935 Joe and Louis Wenger build their first mixer for sale to their first customer, Morrow Milling Co. of Carthage Missouri.

In 1948, Wenger builds its first extruder, a novel machine designed to blend molasses with dry feedstuffs and extrude that product in pelleted form.

Until 1941, all equipment was manufactured in a barn located near the rural homes of the brothers.

By 1971 the international market exceeds 30% of Wenger’s sales and Wenger International is formed to manage and service foreign sales for the company.

Second generation single and twin screw extruders were introduced in mid 1970s. In the 1980s, Wenger Manufacturing Company began manufacturing twin-screw extruders which has originated in Europe.
Wenger Manufacturing Company

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